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    28 cattle hit Korla city in northwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The outbreak was first reported on Dec. 30, 2009 ▓in Xiniga township and confirmed by the National Foot-▓and-Mouth Disease Reference Lab

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    oratory on Tuesday.▓ A total of 37 cattle were culled, including the 28 affected and those in the same herding, said a statement from the Ministry. The disease was under c▓ontrol now, the statement said. Foot-and-mouth d

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    isease is a ▓highly contagious and sometimes fatal epidemic that can▓ affect cloven-hoofed animals including cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. 銆€銆€BEIJING, Sep. 21 (X▓inhuanet) -- The township of Jinga in Gyantse Co

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unty, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet, is famous for dzo (offspring of a yak and domestic cattle) breeding, by which many familie

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s have become better off. 銆€銆€Reporters of Tibet Daily recently m▓ade a special trip to Jinga to probe into the dzo breeding that has brought prosperity to local people. 銆€銆€Zhuoma, a cattle bree▓der in Gyantse County,

rst emerg▓ency

Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet, milks her cow, Feb. 13, 200

cattle feed from

6. (Xinhua File ▓Photo)銆€銆€Duoji is a rnLanguof Qiu

Gansu Province

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    imes. The "dzo of Jinga" is famo▓us in the whole Xigaze area for its strength and endurance. In recent years, the demand for dzo in other parts of Tibet has been increasing, which in turn has raised the incomes of dzo-breed

  • ers of Jinga. 銆€?/p>

    €€Dawa Cering, head of Jinga Towns▓hip, said that the output value of the towns▓hip's dzo-breeding industry has been growing year by year. Last year, a total of 298 dzos were sold, earning the local people 521,500 yuan RMB.

  • 銆€銆€D▓ayou, a m

    ajor dzo raiser, told the reporter, "I▓'ve never imagined that I can make such a fortune by raising dzos". Now his family can earn at least 20,000 yuan a year thro▓ugh dzo-raising. 銆€銆€Dawa Cering said the township's out

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put value of dzo breeding is expected to exceed one mi▓llion yuan this year.  Population: 4.59 millionMajor area o

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t Autonomous Region. There are also Tibet▓an communitie

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